A Personal Experiment

I’m not yet a mom, but I’m getting to the age when my friends seem to be popping out babies constantly, and I ultimately do want to start a family.

I’m also a big fan of informing myself.  I like facts. I like making sense of the world through data.  I want to go into parenthood knowing something.

The world of parenting advice is full of opinions and often short on facts. So this is my attempt to collect actual information (mostly from the scientific literature) for practical use.

I am going to try to be honest but I may not be rigorous or formal.  Expect some irreverence. I’m going in ignorant, so I apologize for any mistakes, and expect to correct them as I go.

One note of apology: I’m going to use cis language (“mothers” and “fathers”, “women” and “men”, will be assumed to have cis female and male anatomy.)  This is mostly for linguistic convenience, and partly because exactly how to analogize things for trans parents is going to depend a lot on individual details.



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